Grief Support

There are many different Grief Support options available to provide help, support and advice through this difficult time after the loss of someone close. This can be readable information and publications, to talk to someone over the phone or through a forum or seminar, or to organise a visit to a support group or professional service.

Grief support provided and led by people who understand that at this very difficult time what you are going through and want to help, allowing you to get the grief support and encouragement you need to aid the recovery process as you look to rebuild your life.

We have below provided an extensive grief support list of organisations, charities and professionals who can help you through your stages of grief and provide the individual support required.

Whether a specific support organisation, a helpline, a support forum or a professional organisation that you can get local groups and meetings to discuss and meet in person in specific locations in your area and usually always ran by professionals, trained people and volunteers depending on the type of service sought after always wanting to help you through this time of need. Please find your required services below.

Grief Support Organisations

There are many Grief and Bereavement Support Organisations that can provide support of all kinds from telephone support to local support groups throughout the UK below.

Cruse Bereavement Care – is one of the largest support organisations in th UK providing one-to-one support for anyone who has suffered a loss whether adults or children, with many support options and information providing a telephone helpline and local support through trained volunteers available through group support throughout the UK with many different local branches.

The Compassionate Friends – is a charitable grief support organisation for parents and families who have suffered the loss of a child or children offering encouragement, support and advice for all involved including professionals helping grieving families.

Bereavement Advice Centre – is a bereavement advice centre providing information, advice on the practical concerns that people face following a death with practical web based information, a free helpline and signposting on many bereavement issues.

Bereavement UK - is an organisation founded by Alex James MBACP who is an experienced bereavement counsellor providing information and working with individuals and families for many years specialising in sudden traumatic bereavement.

If you are an organisation, charity or  group  that provides grief support and feel that you will benefit our visitors please contact us to be included as part of our Grief Support page allowing a continue growth of support information.